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247 Moneybox Administration

247 Moneybox went into administration toward the end of
2019 which is similar to Sunny. This means that if you’re looking for a new loan, 247 Moneybox are no
longer accepting new applications for customers.

They offered online same day loans between £80-£200 which had to be paid
back within a month, and they offered loans of up to £800 for existing

Can I Apply for a refund on my 247 Moneybox loan?

Many customers have already made claims for compensation
regarding that they were given loans that were unafforable. The amount of
compensation received for people with eligible complaints completely depends on
the process of the company’s closure.

What should I do if I have an outstanding loan with 247 Moneybox?

If you have an open loan with 247 Moneybox, you should
continue to make your repayments as normal and agreed. Be sure to stay on top
of your payments as any late payment may have additional charges, it also may
show up on your credit report and have a negative impact on your possibility of
being accepted in the future when applying for finance.

Am I eligible to make a claim against 247 Moneybox?

Here’s what we know regarding your eligibility for
compensation. You’ll need to have proof that you couldn’t afford the loan
during the time you borrowed it. If the loan repayments for 247 Moneybox meant
you were having difficulty repaying other bills/debts, then this means that you
were irresponsibly lent to.

There’s a possibility you may also be entitled to
compensation if you had any late repayments or if you had to take out
back-to-back loans because this is a good indication that you couldn’t afford
to take out a new one.

I’m looking for a new loan where should I look?

With 247 Moneybox going into Administration. You may be
unsure where to look, Sunny Loans UK is a new payday loan company offering
loans from £100-£5000 with a same day payout*

Always try to find different alternatives before taking out
any loan.

If you’re looking for a loan today, then please click Here.

I’m worried about debt what should I do?

If you’re concerned about your 247 Moneybox loan or any
other debt for that matter, there’s many debt lines that will be able to advise
you on your current situation and get you the best help possible.

Please check our Sunny loans Bad Credit page for more information about debt help.

247 Moneybox News

PAYDAY lender 247Moneybox has gone bust leaving thousands of
customers in limbo over payments and compensation claims.”

Read full article here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/10471346/payday-lender-247moneybox-bust-compensation/

Payday lenders
24/7 Moneybox and PiggyBank have entered administration. “

Read full article here: https://www.stepchange.org/24-7-Moneybox-closure.aspx

Payday lender 247
Moneybox has gone into administration and all new lending activity has ceased.”

Read full article here: https://www.yourmoney.com/credit-cards-loans/payday-lender-247-moneybox-enters-administration/