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About QuickQuid

Back in 2007 Quickquid were one of the big three same day payday lenders in the United Kingdom. However, in October 2019 they went into administration. Quickquid had over 1 million customers and when they went into administration, they still had over 500,000 customers which still had outstanding loans.

For a long period of time Quickquid refused to refund any interest on UK same day loans taken out longer than 6 years ago. This resulted in a massive backlog of claims to the Financial Ombudsman.

This resulted in Quickquid eventually accepting several thousand FOS complaints that they initially rejected, this occurred late 2019 which in result would cause them to go into administration.

What should I do if I have an active loan with Quickquid?

If you have an open loan with Quickquid, you should continue to make your repayments as normal and agreed. Be sure to stay on top of your payments as any late payment may have additional charges, it also may show up on your credit report and have a negative impact on your possibility of being accepted in the future when applying for finance.

Can I get a new loan with Quickquid?

Quickquid are no longer offering loans to new customers, if you’re looking for a new loan then you will have to apply via a different company.

Can I make a new claim with QuickQuid?

If you feel like you were miss-sold a loan by QuickQuid and want to make a claim. Unfortunately, the claim portal officially closed on the 14th of February 2021, this means that no new claims can be made against QuickQuid.

What loans did QuickQuid offer?

Quickquid usually did very short-term payday loans, this ranged from 1-3 months and only offered a maximum of £1000.

What alternatives are there to QuickQuid?

QuickQuid was one of the biggest payday lenders in the United Kingdom. So, you may be unsure where to look, Sunny Loans UK is a new payday loan company offering loans from £100-£5000 with a same day payout*

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3.     CashEuroNet UK, which operates the QuickQuid and On Stride brands, has stopped lending after Grant Thornton, the accountancy firm, …

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