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Frequently Asked Questions about Same Day Loans for Bad Credit

If things have took an unexpected turn and you’re in need of some extra cash immediately, Sunny Loans are here to help with online loans same day. Although you’re in an emergency for money you should always ensure you’re getting the best deal available to you before being tied down to a credit agreement when better offers were out there.

As a broker, we can help you find a loan the same day, even if you have a bad credit score. We use award-winning software which searches through multiple lenders within the database and will automatically match you to the most suited and best deal, accustomed to your personal application.

What are Same Day No Credit Check Loans?

Direct lender same day loans are still available to those who have a poor credit score so there isn’t a need to worry. Although you won’t get the deals with lower interest rates and higher approval chances as those with a better credit score get offered. You can still find a reasonably good deal and you don’t need to accept anything unless you’re happy with all the details of your same day loan.

Our aim is to help hard-working people find the emergency funds they require as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Sunny Loans for Your Small Loans for Bad Credit in UK?

We are a company based in the United Kingdom; we work with FCA-approved lenders to offer those in need of a same day loan even with bad credit.

To be eligible for a loan by Sunny Loans you must:

  1. Be over the age of 18.
  2. Live in the UK with a UK bank account.
  3. Be in employment and have a regular source of income.

If all 3 applies to you then you are eligible to apply through us at Sunny Loans. We will ensure you get the best possible deal accustomed to your financial circumstances searching through our database of lenders.

Getting Small Same Day Loans for Bad Credit: How Does it Work?

We offer payday loans ranging from £100-£5000, these loans typically last between 1-6 months. If you’re still looking for a loan you can apply through the Sunny Loans website, and we will direct you to a lender once pre-approved. 

Our application form is quick and easy, it shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of minutes and you’ll usually get an instant response to whether you have been pre-approved by any lenders.

Be sure to enter your outgoings in the application correctly as doing so incorrectly could potentially put you into financial difficulty if you accept a loan in which the repayments are too high for your current financial situation.

Is Sunny Loans a Lender for Sam Day Loans Bad Credit?

Although we are not a direct lender ourselves, we work with a large panel of FCA-approved direct lenders. This increases your chances of getting approved, although we cannot guarantee you will 100% get approved by one of our lenders.

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