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Frequently Asked Questions About Loans for Benefits Same Day

Can I get a same day payday loan when I’m unemployed?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to still qualify for a same day loan when you’re currently unemployed however you’ll need solid credit and another form of income.

Lenders will consider giving you a loan, but you must be able to persuade them you can make regular payments on time. Having a bad credit score decreases your chances of being accepted to be sure to make all monthly payment on time as failure to do so, can affect your score negatively.

Will I need a guarantor if I’m unemployed?

While it’s not essential, it can be a massive help to have someone who can co-sign the agreement, this can be anyone from a family or friend with a good credit history.

A guarantor will sign an agreement that in the event where you can not make a monthly payment, the guarantor must do so.

How Quick are Same Day Loans for People on Benefits?

The application form should only take you a couple of minutes. After you submit your application, you should receive the decision in no longer than 2 minutes.

If approved, you should expect to see the money in your bank account on the same day.

Where Can I get Loans for Benefits Same Day While Unemployed?

You can get one with Sunny Loans, we work directly with lenders who allow people who are unemployed to still qualify for a loan. Our loans range from £100-£5000 same day pay-out.

If you are struggling financially, we advise looking at other alternatives before taking out a loan. However, if you still find yourself in need of loan. We may be able to help.

What is the Purpose of Same Day Loans for People on Benefits

For people on benefits, you may find yourself needing that extra bit of cash for the month. Whether that’s for a car repair or you simply just need to oversee the rest of the month.

We advise you to only apply for a short-term loan and make sure you can meet the monthly repayments each month before considering this option.

If you’re on benefits and need a loan today via direct lender we work with directly with direct lenders who allow people on benefits to be accessible to a short-term loan ranging from £100-£5000.

If you are currently on benefits and need to take out a loan. You can apply for a loan with us and see if you get approved.

Many people on benefits believe the only loans available to them are doorstep loans because the approval rates are higher. This simply isn’t true, and they’re considered very unsafe. It’ll always be a lot safer and easier to apply for a loan

Are Loans for Benefits Same Day Hard to Get?

While you may not get accepted by most lenders, there are many lenders out there who do accept people on benefits to receive a payday loan. It will particularly depend on the factors of your situation other than the benefits you receive. One way to find out whether you’re eligible it too apply and see you’re approved.

What are the Basic Requirements to Qualify for Same Day Loans for People on Benefits?

To qualify for a loan with Sunny Loans you must be:

·       Over the age of 18.

·       Be a citizen of the UK

·       Have a UK Bank account

·       Have another source of income (Benefits if you’re currently unemployed)

Can I get a guaranteed loan while being Unemployed?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee loans for the unemployed. The main reason being is all lenders must carry out credit as well as affordability checks before approving your request for a loan. However, there’s many lenders who have high accept rates for people with bad credit.

Are You Looking For Same Day Loans for People on Benefits?

While you may have to shop around depending on your circumstances being unemployed and needing a loan. They’re much more accessible than people in need are aware of.

If you ever find yourself in financial difficulty whether that’s because you lost your job or need more money, always try to find alternatives to a payday loan. However, they’re accessible if you need one, even being unemployed or on benefits

For more help about being unemployed please visit Step Change. If you want to learn more, we have related resources on getting no credit check loans same day, same day payday loans, and same day loans from a direct lender. When in doubt, reach out.