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Frequently Asked Questions About Partnering with a Sam Day Loans UK Direct Lender

Is Sunny Loans a Direct Lender for Same Day Loans?

We are not a direct lender; we are a broker. However, we work with FCA-approved lenders which our software panels search through when you apply for a loan and will match you to the best deal offered based on your application.

What’s the difference between a Direct Lender and a Broker?

A Direct Lender is a company which makes the loan directly between you and themselves, there’s no middleman which is considered a broke. A broker doesn’t give you the loan, they search through multiple lenders to find an agreement between you and a lender.

This can help you save time, when you search through a broker, they’ll re-direct you to a lender which has approved your application. Whereas, applying through a direct lender in the event your application is declined, you’ll have to find another company and re-submit the whole application form again.

For more information regarding lenders and brokers, you can read this article from Investopedia

Advantages and disadvantages of Direct Lender Same Day Loans

  • Direct Lenders own the funds they are borrowing to the customer.
  • They can be quicker to work with depending on your personal application.
  • Your information will stay with direct lender instead of being scanned through a panel of lenders.
  • On some occasions, approval may be easier with a direct lender.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Broker

  • A broker can save you some legwork saving a lot of time searching for approval by a lender themselves, instead of you needing to do so.
  • A broker may have better access, knowing the industry more which in result can help you find an agreement with a company you wouldn’t have thought of applying through.
  • A broker might be able to manage your fees.

Who is Sunny Loans?

We offer same day payday loans to our customers, ranging from £100-£5000. Although we are not a direct lender, we use award-winning software which will send your application through a large panel of lenders within our database matching you up to the best available deal we have found.

Where to Get Online Loans Same Day Direct Lender

We are a United Kingdom based company offering same-day loans. We work directly with lenders to help you find the best possible deal you can get based on multiple variables such as your credit score, your financial situation including income and outgoings per month as well as how much you’re looking to take-out and the duration of your loan.

How to Get Direct Lender Same Day Loans Here

At Sunny Loans we offer loans the same day. * Our application form is straightforward and shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of minutes. Once completed we’ll use your application to search through a large panel of lenders and automatically re-direct you to lenders which have pre-approved your application.

Other Helpful Resources Related to Direct Lender Same Day Loans

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