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Want to Learn More About Same Day Payday Loans in the UK?

Sometimes you may find yourself in a position of difficulty where you may need extra cash. Whether that’s for an overdue bill, car expenses, personal reasons, or an extra sum to pay for some much-needed home improvements.

Good credit, or bad. We might be able to help you find a same day payday loan.

We use The UK’s award-winning software, this searches through their large panel of lenders which considers loan applicants from all different types of credit histories.

In result, giving you a higher chance of being approved for your much-needed financial support when in need with an instant decision.

Sunny Payday loans can lead to debt for more advice please see Step Change

Same day payday Loans from £100-£5000

Whether you need a £100 loan or anything up to £5000 over a period of 12 months, we can help you find access to the best available loans in the UK, without any unnecessary hidden charges. We are the #1 choice for online same day loans.

We use award-winning software which searches the UK market to find the lowest rates available for you. The software processes this by passing your application details to a large panel of lenders instantly.

Your data will always be secure using this method, so you don’t have anything to be concerned about. We take the security of our customers personal details very seriously.

If your application is successful, you will then be re-directed to the lenders website page to finalise all details of your loan. After you complete these steps, your Sunny Loans UK funds will be sent to you.

Is Sunny Loans a Same day Payday Loans Direct Lender?

Sunny Loans is not a direct lender, we are a broker. We use award-winning software which will send your application through a database with a large panel of lenders. If successful, we’ll instantly match you up with the best loan accustomed to your application. You can learn more about same day loans direct lenders here.

Do Payday Loans Same Day Require a Credit Check?

In the United Kingdom it is a legal requirement for lender to perform a credit and affordability checks before granting any form of credit to an individual. So, while payday loans without a credit check aren’t available at all, some companies will do a soft credit check which will leave no footprint on your credit report. Learn more about our same day loans with bad credit here.

Can You Get Same Day Payday Loans in the UK While Unemployed?

While you may struggle to find good deals and lenders who will grant credit to an individual who’s unemployed, it is still possible to be accepted for a loan. However, you will need solid credit and another form of income.

Lenders will consider you, however you must be able to persuade them you can make regular repayments on time each month. Your best bet is same day loans on benefits.

What is the APR on a Sunny Payday Loan Same Day?

Sunny Loans UK representative APR on an online loan is 648.6%.

If you’re trying to find a quick loan with a low APR, fill out one of our application forms and we’ll take care of everything else. The APR you’ll be offered on your loan varies from how good/poor your credit score is. We have access to many lenders; we’ll automatically match you with the lender that offers you the lowest APR.

In most cases, the cost of credit is no more than £24 per £100 borrowed over 30 days. Make sure you check the lenders terms of borrowing before you agree and finalise your loan details. If you decide you’re not happy with the loan amount repayable, most lenders will offer a 7-day cooling period – this means you can return the loan to the creditor and cancel your agreement with them.

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